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Flipnote Studio 3D

At long last! We have finally been graced with the unfathomable reality of receiving this long awaited application. Earlier this week, Club Nintendo users garnered one download code each for Flipnote Studio 3D.
The application, at its core, is essentially the same as its DSi Ware counterpart. However, apart from the obvious 3D feature, Flipnote 3D boasts many new and improved possibilities. You can use a bevy of colors as opposed to the original four. There is a zoom functionality, allowing you to touch up those pesky stray pixels. There is even a shortcut for drawing circles!
While this software is full of new additions to better the user's experience, it remains an incredibly nostalgic experience. With the use of a Flipnote Studio ID, you can view and download flipnotes uploaded to Hatena by a specific user. I, personally, have taken some of my flipnotes and revised them so that they look more fluid. I've taken a good look at some of my old flipnotes and I realize that I could have done a lot more to polish some of them.
Alas, my first DSi account was somehow disconnected from my Hatena ID, so I can only view the flipnotes that I posted from 2011 on.
In case you would like to see my old flipnotes, here is my Flipnote Studio ID:

Make the most out of this application!