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What does time have to do with Flipnote Studio?

I haven't written a post here in a year and a half, which is particularly extensive. But it falls right into play with what I desire to talk about.


The fourth dimention in which we live but cannot freely roam. Time contorts us, not the other way around. We live in a world filled with deadlines and termination dates. At its core, such a concept doesn't bother me. But each and every person has a distinct amount of time to use, and how they use it is up to them. As a proud Nintendo enthusiest, I tend to spend a vast amount of time with not only the company's newest 3DS title, but also reliving the exitement of a classic SNES title. The idea of nostalgia keeps bringing me back to the video games I grew up with. I have even spent time and effort into retrieving classic peripherals and games in order to experience the same immersion I did as a young child.

As I mentioned previously, each and every person has an allotted amount of time, and that time is limited. If time is so scarce, why would anyone spend it on something they have already experienced? The answer, my friends, is in the question. The reason someone spends his or her valuable time in order to relive past expirences is because they are familiar. New is frightening, the unknown is daunting. Why try something new when you already know something that gives you a great amount of satisfaction?

Every little thing takes time. With every key stroke I make, I am consuming more and more time. Experiencing something new is frivolous in the eyes of some people, but new is not commonly bad. With remastered video games such as Duck Tales, Wind Waker, and Kingdom Hearts, people experience something new, even though the game looks nearly identical. The perfect example of "new isn't always bad" is the Mario franchise. With each installment, Nintendo finds some new and exciting gameplay mechanic that completely shifts the course of the player's experience. Every Mario game is like its predecessor, yet they vary in order to give a wholesome and different experience to the player.

I understand that you might have expected more on the topic of time, but the entire nostalgia bridge had to be built. The Flipnote Hatena service was discontinued a year and a half ago, leaving many aspiring creators in the dust. However, prior to this termination, Nintendo announced that the application "Flipnote Studio 3D" would become available for 3DS users in August 2013. This did not happen.

After the release of the application in Japan, the online community for the app went down. Due to this freak occurrence, the application has even yet to be released outside of Japan.

Time. Nintendo gave us a set time, within which they planned to release Flipnote Studio 3D. This time was not honored, and now, over a year since then, all we want is to animate again. To once again use the application that brought our dreams to life, though not exactly alike. With the new adaptations, we will merely become more immersed in the experience that we fell in love with years ago. Though the community was something that boosted popularity for the original application, the internet is a large place within which many prior Flipnote Hatena users have kept in touch.

The only real reason we want this application to be released is because we want to feel like we did back then. We want the enjoyment from reading a comment and making a friend. We want the relief when the final page of a flipnote is complete, and it all fits together perfectly. All we need from Nintendo is the medium by which we achieve this nostalgia.